About Us

Hello!  My name is Lauren, and I am the author of this space!

I’m married to Colton.  He is a fantastic student studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Utah.  His ability to do math truly baffles me.

Together, Colton and I have Luke, our baby.  He is truly a light in our lives and brightens any room that he enters.  We also think he’s pretty adorable to look at.

Currently, I manage an after school program in Utah, which just so happens to touch an area where many refugees and particularly disadvantaged youth live. I love my job.

I hardly cry, but I think I’ve targeted what exactly brings on the waterworks: movies about animals, talking about my job to anyone who doesn’t work there, disneyland parades, and being pregnant.

If I had my way, I’d have a house with a large kitchen (lots of storage), a library with a grand piano and walls covered in books, and a ginormous garden so I would never have to pay for produce again.

I love to run/I hate it.  You’ll see plenty of that here.

After finding out that Colton has Multiple Sclerosis, we adopted a Paleo lifestyle.

Colton and I share a love of nature.  We like to do anything that includes being outside. No, I don’t need a mattress to go camping.

We live in Utah.  I grew up in Boston, MA and miss it dearly, but am completely convinced that Utah is one of the most beautiful states that exists.