Luke’s First Halloween

I’ve never really been into Halloween.  I hate scary things…movies, houses, costumes, etc.  I stopped Trick or Treating early into my teenage years.  Maybe 12? 13? Never had the desire after that.  But, every year, I feel pressure to get a cute family costume together, even though we never go anywhere and it usually ends up being a normal day at work/school.

This year was no different!  In fact, I felt even more pressure to get a cute family costume together with such a cute little one in our midst.


So, after many weeks of agonizing over what cute little plush outfit I should spent $30 dollars on for him to wear once, we settled on the last Jack-Jack costume from the extremely picked over Target Halloween aisle.  I liked it because it was $15 instead of $30 (he still only wore it once…ugh), and we could get some cheap t-shirts from Amazon to match.


He was really, really cute.  We sat in our house and passed out candy in our costumes and watched Hocus Pocus.  A Halloween well spent.


Maybe Halloween will be a little more exciting for us with more kids…and the excuse to go Trick or Treating without it being weird.  At least there’s always pumpkin carving, which really brings out our personalities.  Guess who’s is who’s?


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