3 Years

On August 15th, Colton and I “celebrated” our 3rd anniversary.  Celebrating, for us, mostly consists of dinner and a good Netflix show in bed (on a fancy night).  I’m grateful for someone who shares my love of being pretty low-maintenance.

I can’t believe that three years have come and gone so quickly, yet it feels like eternity since I met and fell in love with Colton.  Life has changed so much since we got married, but Colton has stayed the constant positive force in my life.  I’m so grateful to share this life with him.


I’ve loved Colton’s wit and creativity.  He makes me laugh every single day (I know that makes him proud).

This was his idea.

I love that we share a love of adventure and spontaneity (within reason…).  Colton is the best travel companion.  Traveling is a huge priority in our lives.  I can’t wait to see and explore more of the world together.

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I love Colton’s love of the little things.  Like a good nap, hike, Chick-Fil-A run, or checking things off of our list.

One of our proudest moments.

I love our mutual love of nature.  I love discovering God’s beautiful earth with my best friend.  I’m grateful to have someone who can help me pass down my love of the earth to our children.

We have been hiking together ever since I can remember.  I would rather go on a hike together than anything else.   We’ve taught each other new skills and explored so much of our beautiful state together.  I’m grateful that being active has always brought us together and always will.

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From new additions (both human and animal), MS battles, moves, 3 years of college together, job changes, and everything in between, we have grown together.  I love that, even though we’ve grown so much in the past three years, we are the same people that we always have been.  Our relationship has only gotten stronger, even though it hasn’t always been perfect.


Life is best with you!  Thank you for always being you and allowing me to be me.  I’ve never felt anything other than empowered by being your wife, because you allow me to do anything that I dream of doing.  I’m so grateful for our marriage.  It’s better than I could have ever imagined.  The past three years have been wonderful, and so will the next three (and 33, 53, 103…etc.).


One thought on “3 Years

  1. I sure do love you and I love your posts! Life is messy, right? However hard it is, it is much better when qe struggle through with someone we love. Thank you for letting us glimpse reality, and in the viewing, letting us see how marriges can survive (and even thrive). You are amazing!


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