Life, lately

Summer is always busy for me at work, but I’ve really enjoyed the time that I have with my little family.  Luke is growing up so quickly, and I enjoy every second of time that I have with him.


Luke LOVES water (although that picture doesn’t reflect that).  We took him swimming for his first time, and he wasn’t so sure.  It’s grown on him.  Thank heavens for pool floaties for babies with shades on them.  It saves us from having to shade him ourselves! Who knew that you couldn’t put sunscreen on babies??  But seriously, Luke loves water.  I’m get the feeling that we will be spending a lot of time in the water with this kid.


We tried putting Luke in the carrier front ways…I thought he was ready.  Definitely wasn’t tall enough yet.  Maybe next month!


As always, we love hiking together.  It’s a sure way for Luke to fall asleep and for us to get some good exercise.  We’ve started documenting our outdoor adventures on Strava, if you’d like to follow along.  Seriously, that’s one of the best apps ever.  If you are at all outdoorsy, Strava is your jam.


At the beginning of the summer, Colton and I bought road bikes from a local company called Fezzari.  We’ve loved experimenting with road biking.  Huntsville has some of the best road biking that we’ve seen so far.  Good thing we have some good connections!  I’m always grateful to get outside and exercise, especially in Huntsville.  I’m super grateful that Colton and I have really similar interests and can do all of these things together.


I’m so happy in the summer.  It’s a busy time of year for us, but it also feels like such an amazing time to sit back and enjoy all that the world has to offer.  The sunshine makes me happy, and I love the never-ending activities that can be done outside.  Good things are coming for us in the next couple of months, including some warm vacations, which I am super excited about! For now, I’m soaking in all the time that Colton, Luke, and I have together before school starts back up again in three weeks (Seriously.  Three weeks!).

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