Luke’s First Vacation


For once, I got to travel for work.  It was two weeks after I had gone back to work since having Luke.  I think we decided that getting a work trip paid for is awesome, but kinda hard when you have a baby and are breastfeeding.  Colton was really limited as far as time and options, but he really did a great job being patient and working around mine and Luke’s schedules.

Now that we have visited the four major National Parks in Utah, I can officially rank them:

  1. Zion
  2. Bryce
  3. Arches
  4. Canyonlands

It’s always nice to get out of Northern Utah and get a little bit of red sand between your toes.  Those four National Parks have been some of our favorite trips to date, mainly because of the hiking.  Zion National Park will always be my favorite because of Angel’s Landing.  Bryce Canyon is like Zion and Canyonlands had a baby.  Arches is a staple for anyone who lives/visits Utah.  The hiking is just not as great.

Bryce was so beautiful, and it was really therapeutic to get out of Salt Lake for a little while.  Utah is seriously beautiful anytime of year, anywhere you go.  We have some really fun trips planned for the rest of the year, but this one will always be remembered as Luke’s first!

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