A Personal Goal Made Public

I really should pay more attention to this “blog.”  Since being pregnant, I’ve felt a push to be writing things down, especially for our children to read when they are a little bit older.  I keep telling Colton to “write that down!” and then I never follow up with myself.  I’ve never been consistent at journaling, especially since coming home from my mission.  There are so many things that I would like to document, but I think that I have to accept my millennial-self and blog it.  I am also making a vow to myself that I will take more pictures of my daily life.  I feel bad that I haven’t taken more pictures of my growing bump, and now I feel that it’s too late! Is it?  Anyone? Anyone?

I’ve also seen so many old friends lately, each of whom has asked me to clarify a few of the things that I have been posting on social media.  I feel like this blog would be the absolute best way to accomplish both of my goals.  So, here it goes. I’m making myself publicly accountable.  Help me.

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