Bergen, Norway

For as long as I have known Colton, he has talked about wanting to go to Norway.  He’s really proud of his Norwegian heritage and has always wanted to see the Northern Lights.  In this trip, we didn’t make it to see the lights, but when I saw the opportunity to fly to Norway for $400 round trip (for both of us), I seized it!

Our favorite city in Norway was, by far, Bergen.  It’s a magical waterfront town on the West Coast of Norway.  We flew in and out of the airport (which is the most organized/clean airport that I’ve ever been in in my life), but only planned about two days total to spend exploring the city.  If I were to plan this trip again, I would definitely plan more time in Bergen.  Both days that we were there, it decided to POUR, and we didn’t even care.  The place is just so magical!




Yep, the buildings are totally leaning into each other!  I have no idea how that entire waterfront is still standing.





Here is the evidence of us (and by us, I mean Colton) carrying our bags around the city those two days.  P.S. That is all we packed for our entire two week trip!  I’m so shocked that our bags didn’t wear out after rolling them along the cobblestones all day!


This is what the alleys between the famous waterfront buildings look like.  There are the cutest (and most tempting) little shops all the way up and down.  We bought all of our Norway souvenirs here (including that painting in this photo!).


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