After months and months of persistence, my husband finally convinced me to have a space to share, write, create.  As reluctant as I was to begin this adventure, I am secretly really excited.

For as long as I can remember having access to a computer on a daily basis, I have been inspired by blogs/personal websites.  I have a few blogs that I have followed for close to ten years, and I’m totally not ashamed of that.

To me, there are two sides to sharing on the internet: beauty and jealousy.  The way that you feel as you turn off your computer truly depends on your attitude.  As I sifted through my fair share of blogs during my teen years, I usually found myself digging my way out of a hole of comparison and jealousy.  It was easy to get sucked in to reading every blog post and analyzing every single picture from top to bottom, comparing my awkward 17 year old self to the 30-something moms.  With the introduction of Facebook and Instagram (yes, I am old enough to remember when Facebook and Instagram came out, although I am a millennial, thankyouverymuch), things just got worse for me. I would spend hours looking at profiles and comparing every part of my body, skin, hair, and lifestyle to those people.  This is why I’ve always been reluctant to start a blog/share too much on Facebook and Instagram.  Why would I want to contribute to that epidemic? I would never want anyone to feel the way that I felt after hours of comparing myself to people that I had never met before.

Now, as an almost quarter-of-a-century-year-old woman, I can end up on the other side of sharing (most of the time).  The internet is such a beautiful place, and I am grateful for that I live in the era of sharing every single aspect of your life with someone.  Really, I am (don’t you even dare say “it’s because you’re a millennial”).

The internet is such a blessing.  I graduated from college ONLINE.  While I was serving an LDS mission in Madrid, I communicated with family and friends once per week ONLINE.  I have learned everything that I know about Multiple Sclerosis, the autoimmune disease that attacks my husband’s body, ONLINE.  I learned everything that I know about health and wellness ONLINE.  People have shared some of their most terrifying and joyful experiences with me ONLINE.  I’m grateful for the opinions that are shared via. the internet.  I would hope that reading various political and social opinions on Facebook has allowed me to learn how to be a more well-rounded and educated human being.

After many years of poor self-confidence and struggle and spending too much time on the jealousy side of sharing, I feel that I’m ready to share my life with others and do it in an honest way.  So, in the midst of gifs, people who make careers through YouTube and Instagram, emojis, and filters, this will be a space for me to share pieces of my life, health tips/tricks, recipes, success stories, failures, and pictures.  Just like me, it doesn’t, in any way, have a facade to it.  What you see is truly what you get!

One thought on “Blogging

  1. Im so happy that you are going to share your thoughts with a blog. You have alot of great ideas and i know that a lot of thought goes into them. I cant wait To see further posts.


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