Christmas 2018

Luke’s first Christmas season was a success!  It was so fun to celebrate with him this year.  We really worked hard at keeping Christ at the center of our season this year, and I think we did a pretty good job.   Every year, we have dinner at the Little America Coffee Shop with my family and see the lights at the Grand America.  I always love that night…the rolls at the Little America are to die for.  Oh yeah, and the Christmas decor isn’t half bad either.

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This year, I helped coordinate my work’s Angel Tree.  It was such a humbling experience for me.  Colton and I decided that we wanted to help out and ended up collecting the names and needs of a local family to shop for for the holidays.  Both of our families also contributed.  We filled our car full of presents for this family of 12…Luke barely fit!  Since I work for the city, we were able to deliver our gifts directly to the family and meet them.   It was an incredible experience, and made me feel so much closer to the Savior this year.  Colton and I are not rich by any means, but we did what we were able to, and we were grateful that all of our family contributed as well.


We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my family.  Luke LOVED opening presents.  He really got the hang of it after a while.  He was really spoiled between Santa, us, and both sets of grandparents!  I mean…how could you not spoil such an adorable kid?

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On Christmas morning, after opening gifts, we took our new hiking backpack out for a spin around Huntsville.  Luke loved it, and we really enjoyed the views!  Seriously…HOW CUTE IS HE IN THESE PICTURES?

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We went back a few days later for New Years Eve and snowshoed across Pineview.  Since the water level was so low before winter, it was totally safe.  In all of my years living in Huntsville, we had never gone all the way across the lake!  It was really fun, and the views were incredible!


5 Generations

Luke was able to meet his Great, Great Grandmother Anne during the holidays.  I have always adored my Grandma Anne.  I believe that she just turned 96 years old this year.  She is so vibrant and animated!  She always has been.  Unfortunately, she can’t see very well these days, but she was dying to see and hold Luke.  I’m so glad, because we got these amazing pictures for Luke to see when he gets a little bit older.  I feel lucky to be able to have a five generation photo!


Luke’s First Thanksgiving

Every year for the last few Thanksgivings, I have done a half marathon.  It’s a good way for me to feel active, get my steps in, and not feel so bloated after a huge meal.  This year, I didn’t train for the half marathon.  I still haven’t been able to get myself over the mental-hump to train.  But, I did sign up to do the local 5K, and my mom decided to join me.

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It was a very cold day, but I was grateful for the chance to get out and move before dinner!  My dad watched Luke (Colton always plays football with his brother on Thanksgiving morning) for me, and he was excited to see us after the race.  Hard to believe that last year, I did this race almost 20 weeks pregnant with him!  I cried almost the entire way…haha.

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At Thanksgiving dinner this year, Luke tried turkey for the first time, and LOVED it.  I wasn’t surprised in the slightest.  He’s the son of two Paleo-diet following carnivores.  He’s also loved solid foods since we introduced him around 4 months old.


The holidays are better together!  It’s been so fun to introduce Luke to all of our existing traditions, and to make our own together.